Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Robin Red Breast...

Hi Lovelies.

I woke up the other day everything was covered in frost. I love the way it makes the world seem as if it made from glitter! When I see the frost I think of robins, which was the inspiration behind this manicure.

I bought some craft feathers to try in my nail art but haven't really found a way to incorporate them into my manicures up until now.

For the feathered nails I used a coloured  base coat of Barry M's Gelly in pomegranate. Once that had dried I did a coat of clear topcoat then gently pressed feathers (that I had already cut to fit my nails) down into it while it was still tacky, let it set for a while and then added another 2 coats of my topcoat. I then did an accent of Barry M's red glitter on my middle finger.

This technique is quite tricky but I'm sure with practice it will become a quicker and easier process. Although in my opinion the results are well worth the time and effort anyway. I was really pleased with these nails.

I hope you like them as much as I do!!

A x

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