Wednesday, 19 December 2012

12 days of Christmas challenge - Ornaments.

Hello lovelys! The 8th day of the challenge is upon us and today's prompt was "ornaments"

Now I had an idea in my head. It was going to be beautiful. I would Saran wrap my nails in 2 tones of green to give the effect of a Christmas tree, then using polish and nail art pens I would paint a series of interlocking baubles........ sound good??

This is what I ended up with.........

Not quite the look I was going for!! It was my own silly fault for not having a few trial runs with the nail art pens first but what with Christmas, a poorly munchkin and the usual joys of being a working mum I haven't had time, nor did I have time to re do the mani so alas, this shall have to do.

It all started so well I was ever so pleased with my Saran wrap...

But the baubles were just a disaster, oh well we can't win them all can we!

To do this mani I used Barry M's spring green, watermelon and raspberry. Then to do the mess detailing on the baubles I used Rio's professional nail art pens in black and white.

Check out everybody elses blogs to see how they got on with day 8

A x


  1. not so bat, don't be so hard on yourself :D
    gorgeous color combo for saran wrap <3

  2. The saran wrapping was gorgeous. And while they might not look exactly like baubles, I think they look a LOT like Christmas Cookies. And that's holiday-related and also super cute!