Friday, 14 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas Day 6

Hi all!

Are we really halfway through already?!?

Before we get on to the nail art can I just give a big thank you to Pink & Polished and Over Polished for creating this challenge and giving me the opportunity to take part. I can safely say this will not be my last challenge. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself and although my nail art isn't going to win any awards I'm quite pleased with what I have achieved and feel as though I have progressed even in such a short time. So thank you Ladies, and thank you to my fellow challengers, you're all such a lovely bunch!!

So onto the nail art!!

Today's prompt was "Gifts". Easy peasy I!!

I was so pleased with my free handing for my holiday movie nail art I'd allowed myself to slip into a false sense of security. I figured I could free hand ribbons and bows on my nails!! Hmm....
I may share this disaster at the end of this post!!

After the horror that was my first attempt I decided to do something abit simpler and came up with this....

The first picture was taken with flash and the last two in natural light.

Polishes used were Barry M's pomegranate, red glitter, watermelon and spring green topped off with 2 coats of Seche. Striping tape was used to create the lines.

Here is my disaster........

 Not a good look haha!!

Be sure to pop over and see how everybody else is doing!!

A x


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I can't believe how quick is this challenge is flying by!!

  2. I love the color choices. The are different, but still festive. Honestly, your first attempt isn't bad. You did a great job on both!

  3. Very simple but effective.
    Looks lovely :)

  4. Love it, that red glitter really pops! How was I not following you?! Have put that right now :)

  5. I love this it is so simple, but stunning!

  6. Your 'keepers' turn out very well!

  7. Your final mani turned out perfect! Thanks for voicing how I feel about the lovely women who have hosted this challenge. I love them both!

  8. awesome manicure, lovely colors :D
    i had three attempts before i dared to publish my mani ;)

  9. your end manicure turned out so vert pretty sweetie! xxx