Friday, 7 December 2012

Leibster award

Wow!!! It seems I have been nominated for the Leibster Award 4 times!! Thank you so much Jessica @ anoNAILmous Sarah @ Play Polish :) Liz @ makeupobsesseddd and Amy @ Nail The Look . The Leibster award ( As far as I can make out!) Is for blogs with under 200 followers, a great way to get new followers, tell people about yourself, get to know about other bloggers and their blogs!!

If Nominated You Have To:

  • State 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person that nominated you asked.
  • Tag new blogs that have less than 200 followers asking 11 questions of your own! (No tag backs!)
So here's my 11 random facts!

  1. I'm 25
  2. I live in the UK with my husband and daughter.
  3. We have 4 pets, 2 Cocker spaniels, a cat and a turtle!
  4. I'm a little bit OCD!
  5. I like owls.
  6. I have 4 tattoos, one flows all the way up my arm to my back and the smallest is my daughters name.
  7. I stick out my tongue when I concentrate.
  8. I'm a 2x college drop out only now re igniting my passion for learning and enrolling on a level 3 nail technician course.
  9. Once qualified I hope to open my own nail bar.
  10. I love watching Cheers.
  11. I was devastated when I finished watching all the Harry Potters because it was "over"

Now onto the questions....

These are from Jessica.....

1) What is your absolute favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

Favourite is being able to look back on how far I have come, even in such a short space of time, least favourite has got to be the lack of life I now have as I'm either painting my nails or blogging!!

2) What is your favorite book?

I love all the Harry Potters but I think Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire is my all time favourite.

3) Which do you prefer stamping, freehand, or wraps?

I prefer freehand because you can do anything you can imagine, stampings great for consistency and I'm not overly keen on wraps =/ 

4) What is your middle name?


5) If you could have any pet in the world what would be?

An owl!

6) If you could be a part of any movie what would it be? (i wanna answer this one Harry Potter or Pleasantville prob the first)

All of the Harry Potters!!! 

7) If you could live anywhere, where would it be (think not leaving family or friends behind)?

A quaint English village....I know I'm boring!!

8) What genre(s) of music do you listen to?

Anything and everything!!

9) What is your favorite store to shop at?

Anything with nail polish! For clothes Topshop or BooHoo if I shop online.

10) Text or phone call?


11) Foil Method, Glue Method or Yellow Stopper for glitter polish removal?

Foil so far, have yet to try PVA.
and Sarah's....

1. What is your favorite color or a mani.

I think its got to be blue.

2. What made you start a blog.
I wanted to be able to track my progress.

3. Where do you shop for nail polish.
Mainly Boots and Superdrug as I can feed my Barry M addiction!!

4. How much do you love nail polish.
Lots!! Not more than my family though....I think!!

5. Do you make any of your own polish.
No I wouldn't know where to start!!

6. Did you check out my blog and follow me.

7. Is there a mani that you have just been dying to try.
I've got loads!! I keep a note pad where I jot all my nail art ideas down so I dont forget them!

8. How often are you doing a challenge.
The 12 Days of Christmas challenge was my first but I'm enjoying it so much I know it wont be my last!

9. Whats your favorite holiday polish this year.
Barry M's raspberry

10. Whats you favorite Indie polish.
I don't own one yet =(

11. What's your favorite form of nail art.

Freehand or polkadots


1. Favorite Nail polish?
Barry M Denim.

2. Where did you grow up?
5 minutes from where I live now in Leeds!

3. Favorite Movie?
Any of the Harry Potters.

4. Person that has inspired you most? 
My grandma. 

5. Favorite Indie polish?
I don't have any at the moment =(

6. If you could be anyone else for 1 day, who would it be?
My daughter, she's four and the happiest little soul I know!!

7. What made you start your blog?
I wanted to track my progress.

8. Favorite makeup line and/or product?
Rimmel and I cant live without concealer and mascara!!

9. Dream vacation spot???
Cancun, Mexico.

10. Manicure you haven't tried yet, but want to?
Lots! I have a note pad where I jot down all my ideas and mani's I want to try.

11. Did you check out my blog and follow it....teehee ;)
Yes =)

And finally Amys....

1. What's your go to nail polish colour?
usually pastel blue.

2. How long have you been blogging?
A couple of months.

3. How much do you spend on make up products a month?
Usually around £15-20 

4. What do you think is going to be big in 2013, make up wise? (a brand, a style or anything)
I think nail arts going to be even bigger in 2013 than it has in 2012!!

5. Why did you start blogging?
To track my progress

6. Are you taking part in the 12 Days Of Christmas nail art challenge?
Yes, I'm having so much fun!!

7. Are you doing any other challenges? If so What?
Not yet.

8. What type of music do you enjoy?
All types, I don't have a favourite.

9. Do you have any pets?
2 cocker spaniels, a cat and a turtle

10. How old are you? 

11. Are you going to view and/or follow my blog? :) 
Yes =)

My questions to my nominees are;

  1. Which manicure is you favourite?
  2. What polishes do you prefer shimmer, glitter bomb etc
  3. What is your favourite time of the year?
  4. Who would be your ideal dinner date?
  5. What is you ultimate indulgence?
  6. Movie or book?
  7. Favourite snack?
  8. Do you have any pet hates?
  9. Party Tricks?
  10. What was your favourite subject in school?
  11. What do you see as your biggest achievement in your life so far??
And my nominees are.........


  1. Love Harry Potter!!! and I was upset too after watching the last movie knowing there wasn't going to be another.... Same way after I watched Breaking Dawn 2 :(
    Rimmel is my favorite mascara at the moment!!!

    1. I can't bring myself to watch the last Twilight!! I'm trying to clingbon as long as I can!!!