Monday, 24 September 2012

Spotty Dotty!

Another first!!
Love this mani, simple yet effective and the possibilities are endless given a little imagination!!
I started off simple for my first try just using a purple colour scheme but using both colours for base coats and dots (dark base, light dots every other nail and vice versa for remaining nails.)
I would tell you the polishes used but my avon polish (darker purple) has gone walkabouts since this mani!! If it resurfaces I will post details. The light shimmer purple is a no name purple glitter from claires.
I used a hair pin as a dotting tool but will be purchasing a proper one soon so I can do abit more experimenting!!
A x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Newspaper Nails.

I love these and will be doing them again. It's so simple yet makes a big statement.
Here's how you do it;
1) Cut 10 pieces of newspaper, each big enough to cover your nails.
2) Apply nude base coat and allow to dry.
3) Dip nails in vodka or surgical spirit then quickly press on newspaper (work one nail at a time)
4) Peel off newspaper and apply topcoat.

Simple yet effective!!
Heres how my mani turned out..I'm sure with practice they will be even better.
A x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Water Marble Manis

First two attempts at watermarble manis, pleased with the results and it didn't take up as much time as I thought it would! Polishes used for blue and purple mani were: Avon romance, No7 betty blues & blackberry, for the green, yellow and orange mani I used Barry M's spring green and Avon's coral beat & sunshine.
Theres tons of tutorials out there and if you haven't tried watermarble  yet give it a go it's well worth the faff!!!
A x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

First Attempt At Gradient.

Well my first attempt at gradient turned out to be a galaxy/gradient hybrid whatever possesed me to use so much glitter in one go i will never know. I started off with a base coat of Barry M's red glitter then sponged on a purple glitter polish from claires, i finished with a sponging of No7's Betty Blues and hey presto my moment of madness mani was created!! As you can guess removal of this was a hellish process and I can never see myself recreating this mani however I got more compliments than expected!!
Please excuse picture quality, i don't think my camera could deal with all the sparkle!!
A x

She Nail*d It....An Introduction.

Not going to bore you with a long winded essay about me and mine. Just thought I would tell you a little about why I created this blog. I've been interested in nail art for a while now and finally decided to enrol on a nail technician course. I thought I would set up this blog so you can all follow me from complete novice to professional and hopefully in a few years time I can help and inspire someone who is where I am now. I aim to fill this blog up to bursting with nail art pictures, hints & tips, tutorials and reviews as I grow.
I am my own worst critic but my nail art/shaping probably leaves alot to be desired please be patient, it will get better....I promise!!!
Bye for now!!