Friday, 21 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas challenge - Wreaths.

So today's Christmas challenge prompt is Wreath.

After I ruined my Saran wrap the last challenge I decided to recreate it and do it justice again for this challenge.

Here are my wreaths..........

I did the Saran effect using Barry M's spring green and watermelon. Once dried I stuck a page reinforcer on each nail and carefully went around it with Barry M's limited edition gold and then added the detail using my nail art pens.

So much happier with this mani than the last!! It's a shame I have to take it off so soon to do the rest of the challenges but I'm looking forward to them too!!

Don't forget to see how everybody else did on day 9....

A x


  1. Cute, I like the placements of your wreaths!

  2. Clever! I wish I'd thought to use hole thingies. My wreaths are...shall we say...a wee bit oval? lol Great job!

  3. These are lovely! And I, also, hate to take these challenge manis off! At least we have the pics to share and admire.