Thursday, 8 November 2012

WANTED....Topcoat Reccomendations + Barry M croc effect

Good evening my lovelies!!!
Just a quick one as it's waaaay past my bedtime!!!
Firstly I was wondering if you would all be so kind as to let me know what your favourite topcoat is. I haven't really found one yet but saying that I've not really looked. Just used what I had handy.
When I firt started using a topcoat I used one that I got in an acrylic set. This has probably been the best one I have used so far, fast drying, super glossy and the most chip resistant, but alas it ran out and I could never find it again, nor could I tell you the name as I can't read Chinese.
Topcoat #2 was just a generic one from a french mani set, only good thing I could say about this one is that it was glossy. It dried no faster than a normal polish and had little to no chip resistance, infact I could go so far as to say my nails chipped more with it on!! strange!?!
Last but not least I'm using Sally Hansen hard as nails advanced. It's not the worst nor is it the best. Dries fast enough, nice and glossy but still isn't stopping the chips.
I need a really hard wearing topcoat. I'm a cleaner so my hands/nails get alot of stick, they don't get a rest at home either house proud + mummy = scrub, scrub, scrub!!
I always make sure I get full coverage and slice across the tip so I don't think it's a problem with the application. Am I asking for a miracle here?? or is there a topcoat out there for me?
Seche Vite is on my to try list it seems some of you swear by it where as others can do without so any suggestions/reccomendations will be greatly appreciated!!
What was that I said about a quick one?!?
Now onto the mani!!
I love this mock croc effect from Barry M its so simple to apply and really makes a statement. No doubt I will be experimenting further with this and trying out different colours and combinations. For now all I have is this messy mani!!
I used a thin base coat of Barry M silvery lilac then once that was touch dry applied a thin coat of the Barry M croc effect. It's amazing to see the croc effect appearing before your eyes (or so I think...small minds eh!!) I then added a coat of Rimmel glitterball to finish it off.
Laters lovelies!!!
A x

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