Sunday, 11 November 2012

Konad has arrived at Nail*d it!

It's finally here!!! Since reading about nail stamping on various other blogs I've been dying to get my hands on some nail stamping goodies! So after quitting smoking I decided to treat myself. I chose Konad's special set and I must say, I'm in love!!!
Now I will admit I'm shocking at freehand with my lefty, my right hand hardly resembles the work on the left, I'm getting better with practice, but I doubt that what I do with my left will ever be as good as my right!!
So if your like me then nail stamps will be your new best friend!! Now I messed my first mani up but that was purely down to me not reading the instructions properly because I was too eager to get stamping!! The second mani I did with this showed just how easy it is to get perfection....on both hands!!!
Aside from it helping us girls who aren't quite as ambidexterous as others once you get the technique down it's a great way to get a super quick yet detailed mani!
I really can't say enough about konad. I am so pleased I took the plunge and bought this set. It has introduced me perfectly and I will most definatley be buying more to add to it, just as you are sure to see stamping again in plenty of my manis!
The first mani (leopard) is the one I messed up. I used gold as a base coat, then one dry stamped using Konad's black pearl and plate M57. I then decided it didn't turn out quite the way I wanted so i slathed it with a black and gold glitter top coat!
The second is a poor picture of a mani I loved, it is possibly in the top favourites of all the manis I've ever done. I started off with a gradient basecoat of mint green, purple and pastel pink. Then stamped using Konad's white and then black pearl, the plate used was M57 again. This was finished off with a coat of Konad topcat.
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