Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mix & Match Mani!

Hi everyone!

This mani was actually done for halloween, I was really pleased with this but the more I look at it the more I tell myself off for going over the top with the gold beads!! Oh well we live and learn eh?
This mani was created by using 2 coats of black as a base (over a clear base coat) Then 2 fingers were topped with a chunky hex glitter polish from Primark. 2 nails were made matte using Rimmels Pro Matte Finish mattifying topcoat, i then used a dotting tool and the original black to make the polkadots. The middle finger was finished off using the gold beads. Everything was topped off with 2 coats of Sally Hansens advanced hard as nails.
It's not the neatest but I was in a rush to get out and I knew the gold beads wouldn't last the night (I'm a picker)

Unil next time.....
A x

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