Thursday, 15 November 2012

Movember Mani

You really will have to excuse the crappy picture, I'm no photographer and it was dark!!
Anyway...first time doing a moustache mani and I must say they're harder than I thought they would be!!!
I think I need a tad more practice to get my tash down!! I can safely say I will most definatley be trying these again. I'm a lover of all things tashy, so much so I have one tattooed on my finger!
My base coat was Barry M's 'nude' and the moustaches were done using black nail polish and a dotting tool. I did a chevron and stud design on my middle nail to break it up a little.
I hope this post makes sense and isn't just a large jumble of letters and punctation!! I apologise if it is I'm posting this from my phone and half asleep....never a good combination!!
A x

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