Monday, 12 November 2012

New Feature!! Munchkin Mondays!

Hi everyone!

Today I'm bringing you something I've been working on for a little while. It's just abit of light hearted fun on a Monday. I know how horrendous they can be sometimes!

Now, whats it all about???

My little munchkin is gradually developing her nail polish obsession and is constantly asking for her nails doing. At her age she has got such a good imagination and can tell me all sorts of things she wants on her nails. I just let her look at my polish haul and she chooses her colours and designs, either from the top of her head or from what I have or have previously had on my nails.
The manis featured in munchkin mondays wont always be perfect, her nails wont be beautifully shaped nor will the pictures be perfect but as I said before, its just abit of fun on a dreary Monday

This mani was for bonfire night, she wanted one nail like a bonfire and the others like fireworks. For the fire nail I sponged on black, orange, yellow and red then added topcoat to blend. The 'firework' fingers were done by using a dark blue as a base coat and a chunky glitter over the top.

I hope you enjoy this feature as much as me and my munchkin will enjoy making it. There's nothing like abit of girly bonding over some nail polish!!
Until next time.
A x

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